Permanent Greenspace for All

Our plan will dedicate more than half of the site, or approximately 124 acres, for permanent publicly accessible green space, for play, walking, cycling, hiking or just enjoying nature.

Included would be the long-sought re-establishment of the ‘missing link’ in the Sixteen Mile Creek Trail system, which runs through the centre of Oakville from either side of Oakville Harbour to Dundas St. at Lions Valley Park.

Often referred to as ‘the heart of Halton Region,' the Sixteen Mile Creek in a majestic valley system that was carved by the erosion of melting glacial waters more than ten thousand years ago, which includes an 8.5 km long public trail.

But the trail is now interrupted by the privately-owned Glen Abbey golf club lands. That land, plus much more, will be permanently transferred by ClubLink for public use for the entire community of Oakville to enjoy for generations to come.

As described by, Sixteen Mile Creek “flows through one of the largest forest tracts in Southern Ontario, pausing casually in deep pools, tugging playfully at floating branches, and sliding carefully around protruding rocks. It’s a peaceful scene – lush green forest, moss covered rocks, gentle waters… the waterfall… there is other scenery to drink in and important features in the surrounding woodlands.”

As noted, at 372 square kilometres in size (or 91,923 acres), the massive watershed lands covered by the headwaters, tributaries, forests, ravines, farmlands and city lands feeding into Sixteen Mile Creek make it the largest of all Conservation Halton’s watersheds, as well as the largest and most central watershed area in all of Halton Regional Municipality.

Click on the Park and Open Space Plan link in the Documents Tab for our detailed Greenspace vision.